London is not for the faint-hearted; it’s big, and scary…and extremely fantastic!

It’s difficult to describe London – the majestic buildings, the double-decker buses, the crowds, the atmosphere. Sure you watch movies, see photos and maybe even read a blog…like mine…but there’s just no comparison to actually witnessing the city in action. And it really is something spectacular.

My London experience began with a bang – an oyster card (kinda like a go-card), an underground tube, angry, pushy businessmen, and a clock that said ‘peak hour’. I think it’s safe to say I definitely got my dose of underground tube experience. But, despite it being scarily packed, the tube got us to where we wanted to be – Oxford Street.

Oxford Street was insane. In both terms; insanely cool and insanely crowded. There were people everywhere, we’re talking hundreds and thousands of people walking the streets, running between cars, and jumping on and off buses. You can hear the buskers, bands and beat-boxers, their music filling the whole space. It’s a place where you can hold your sister’s hand, free of judgement, because everyone understands you don’t want to be swallowed by the mammoth crowds.

And in London, you just can’t seem to escape the crowds.

Buckingham Palace was next on our agenda, and it was grand! By chance, at 11 o’clock, we stumbled across the Palace and got to witness the changing of the guard. I must say, it was my favourite part of London – the chitter-chatter of excited tourists, the cold breeze, the policemen on horses, the marching band…it was extravagant.

And the extravagance continued. For a few hours I got to experience what it was like strolling through a fairytale. Winter Wonderland, you were magical; the fairy lights, the golden merry-go-round, the smell of hot chocolate and roasted chestnuts. And the little stalls and markets, strung with lights and wreaths. Oh, and the food, the food was to die for: German sausages, traditional fat chips with sauce and mayonnaise (I know, mayonnaise! It’s surprisingly really yum), crepes and waffles laden with Nutella and fruit. Delicious. Every part of this Wonderland was truly magical; as was London itself.

If you ever travel to London, or anywhere for that matter, you mustn’t forget to look up. It can be so easy to get caught up in the crowds, and the awe of what’s right in front of you, that you don’t even realise the phenomena above you. When I wasn’t manoeuvring through people, I’d try to remember to look up…and that was the best part; taking note of the majestic buildings, rising so high with so many intricate details…something you don’t want to miss.

-Christie Eliza-Jane

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