christmas trees


Best day of the year? You guessed it – Doughnut Day; the first Friday of June (thanks Wikipedia).

Best season of the year? Yeah, Christmas.

Jingle bell, jingle bell, jingle bell rock, whoop.

Nothing compares to the magic of this season. Sure, it gets a little busy, but when you take time out to focus on your family, your surroundings, and count your blessings, the Spirit of Christmas becomes very real and it really does become the most wonderful time of the year!

Yes, Christmas is technically over, but the Christmas Tree Farm was far too cool not to mention.

Usually back home, houses are snazzified with your trusty Kmart trees and Big W ornaments.

Well, last year we got ourselves a Ferny; that’s what we named it anyway. It was a Nordmann Fir, and it was big.

When you’re in the forest trying to find that perfect tree, your scale of how small or big the trees really are, gets a little funky. Suddenly the trees are all the same height, and they don’t seem that big. And you’ve got your dad there saying “Girls…these trees are bigger than you think.” And you’ve got yourself, your mum, and your sisters saying “Dad stop being such a grinch!” Well we found our perfect tree, and when we had it delivered and brought inside, we finally realised that yes, we had bought a humongous tree. Fine Mr Grinch, you were right.

But, 3 boxes of ornaments and 5 boxes of lights later, we had our completed Christmas Tree, and it was niiiiiice.

It was pretty epic fun running and slipping through the mud in my gum boots…or as they like to call them here, wellies. But secretly, my favourite part of our little adventure was the adorable cat I got to cuddle. No, I didn’t technically have the owner’s permission, but they didn’t seem to mind. Hehe.

– Christie Eliza-Jane



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