the place I call home


…you know those wholesome movies you watch, the ones that reveal your inner child, like Tangled or Beauty and the Beast? How they’ve always got those scenes in a magical, old-looking village, with stone pathways, big old buildings and folk who spontaneously break out in musical routines? Yeah, my town is that village.

Stone houses that harbour narrow roads, restaurants, little florists and sweet bakeries are what make up my little village. It’s the kind of town you meander through, fresh-faced and make-up less, because you know the only people you’ll bump into are the little old cherubs on their morning stroll.

And apparently, these little towns are common here; in fact, they’re normal. But to me, in all my Australian wisdom, I feel like I’ve just been transported to some magical, old place. Ahh the joys of travel!

So we have become quite acquainted with our local grocery store down the road, the Co-Operative Food (aka the Co-Op), as I’ve come to realise that when moving houses, let alone countries, you don’t have a whole lot of time to prepare your own food. Your time is consumed by trips to IKEA to buy furniture, trips to IKEA to get those thingamabobs you forgot about, trips to IKEA to buy that rug you were indecisive about, trips to IKEA to turn in circles, and trips to IKEA to buy those parts the lady at the desk forgot to tell you about. But the Co-Op was great in our times of IKEA-related stress, providing us with the real goods everyday; our sandwiches, our salads and our carrots with hummus.

Foooood, glorious fooood! Evidently, I have tried and tasted Co-Ops’s yummy salads and sandwiches, but I am yet to experience the yummies at the Bakery, the Italian restaurant Briscola (which is really fun to say in an Italian accent, “Bbbbbriscola ayeee!?”), and the New Inn that mum’s been raving about ever since we got here.

Whenever I’m stuffing my face with that heavenly thing called food, my justification is simply: “I’m a growing woman!”. Yes, I can eat; no, I’m not ashamed; and yes, I’m pretty darn excited to try all these fancy, smancy cafes and restaurants.

-Christie Eliza-Jane

15902566_10155767966604199_510312491_oepic view from my  window.received_10155760213594199the canal up behind my house.15857793_10155767970179199_207119178_o15682496_10155715819724199_334023121_oone of the many local pubs.


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